Best Android TV set top box -YUNDOO Y8

YUNDOO Y8 Review

Best Android TV set top box 2017

best android set top box yundoo
best android set top box yundoo

YUNDOO introduces its new android TV set top box model, YUNDOO Y8 RK3399 Processor TV Box featuring 64bit VP9 decoding, and has unveiled its new model YUNDOO Y8 at GearBest.
The TV box looks like four stagger cuboid parts joined together, the ups and downs lines give a graphic impression beyond the black home. Nobility, briefness and liveliness are integrated totally on this particular appearance. And you will find interfaces on the sides to fit varied needs. RK3399 CPU in helps to bring a change that is milestone to TV Box, gaming along with other cutting edge technology.

The sales manager of YUNDOO says, “we’ve compared many of the Android TV boxes in the marketplace, including many well-known TV Cartons and all the economical no name Android cartons. YUNDOO Y8 Conquers Them ALL!!! At An Unbelievable Price Point in consideration of precisely the same performance, speed and quality. We’ve taken the best Android box and totally programmed it for you to use. YUNDOO Y8 is a best alternative for family amusement, supply you to have a joyful and valuable family time.”

Yundoo Specifications

CPU:Hexa core (Better performance compared to octa core)

GPU: Quad core ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU


Card reader: SD cards

USB 3 and USB 3.1 support

HEVC (H.265) and VP9 decoding

Support 4K*2K Super HD video

OS: Android 6.0 (wait for the OTA update)

Bluetooth: V4.0

Wiredand wireless mouse+ keyboard supported

Yundoo Performance comparison

yundoo y8 performance
yundoo y8 performance


Best Android Box for Gaming

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